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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2012 03:44 am
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Chitown Rich wrote: Jim,

I just got some programs from Chicago, 1967 and the seller included the newspaper results clippings with the attendance as part of the package. First time I was ever able to get clippings with the programs.

All 1967

March 11

April 15

This is great. Here's something I've wanted to ask you since I read Jimmy Valiant's book again recently. Valiant wrote in his book that Bruiser, Verne & Luce would add seats to the Amphitheatre for big shows. Did you ever notice there were seats added to the cards you attended at the Amphitheatre?

Wikipedia not the best source and other places claim the Amphitheatre only seated 9,000 for wrestling. Yet I see the numbers quoted above and in other places like George Lentz's Crusher record book and pre WWA/AWA cards that are more than 9,000.

We need to get Redman to ask Sharon Luce about it. 

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