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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2012 03:58 am
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They definitely added seats.
There were even bleachers a few times on the west side of the Amphitheatre.
I think the bleachers only were a few times because they would shake and sway. Pete the Pup or Mr. Piledriver would remember more too.

Other times they would just add folding chairs and if you were toward the back of them you would have a terrible view if everyone stood up as they usually did. That's the reasons why the attendances vary so much and a SRO could be anywhere from around 9000 and up depending on the advance sale. But there was always a huge walk up crowd and sometimes it would be tough to gauge a turnout.
I remember and Ox vs Bruiser Chain Match where I was lucky that I knew the usher or I would have been shut out.