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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2012 03:16 am
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TerryWWWF wrote:
srossi wrote: TerryWWWF wrote: Ultimark wrote: I really liked how he called a match. By the book without the hyperbole associated with today's announcers. Called it as a serious sport.That's exactly what you're NOT supposed to do. You're there to get over the angles and wrestlers, not dazzle everyone with your knowledge of holds. The announcer doesn't have to be over the top, but his job is to sell tickets.

Well damn, he was doing it wrong all those years and everyone was too nice to tell him?  Amazing the business survived.
First, fuck you and your attitude, but you already knew that.

There were a lot of horseshit wrestling announcers back in the day, including guys who were assigned to the show by a TV station. Some of them didn't know fuckall about what the job was supposed to be, and some of them were more concerned with being funny or trying to get themselves over. Bill Cardille was an example of that, aside from his slobbering worship of all things Bruno.

When you're doing "play-by-play" on TV, you shouldn't be describing what people are seeing because, well, they're fucking seeing it. The idea is to enhance what they're seeing with other information. In baseball or football, that usually means setting up the analyst.

Nobody gives a shit about the names of holds except for Meltzer and his disciples, and that's not the audience. The bottom line is to convince the marks that Dusty hates his opponent and there might be a riot when the two of them get together Friday at the Crapatorium, tickets on sale right fucking now. That's the idea, not correctly identifying a counter cross crotch crab.

Then you never listened to Solie. He didn't call the names of all the moves like Joey Styles or someone like that. He described in great detail how the moves felt and the pressure points it affected, etc. and that got tons of guys over and made them seem like bad-asses, i.e. wrestlers who fans wanted to pay to see. It had nothing to do with calling names. Like already mentioned, maybe that wouldn't work today but it's absurd to suggest it didn't work for the 30 or so years that we know it did work.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.