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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2012 04:59 pm
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HBF wrote:
Ultimark wrote:
Yes, Reid will be fired. Turned fired as well. Both on Monday. Several more shortly thereafter.

Agreed on this.

AJ Smith will be fired along with Turner. Crennel and Pioli and Mike Tannenbaum of the Jets will be within days, followed by Chan Gailey, Andy Reid, Pat Shermur, Ken Wisenhunt, and Mike Munchak.

Mike Mularkey sucks and has a shot to be waxed. Jason Garrett might lose it if Jerry can get a bigger name, and Jim Schwartz is stupid enough to be fired but needs another bad year to do so.

I'd never bet against Lovie because he survives everything in that town.

Ron Rivera will be waxed the minute the new Panthers GM is hired.

Schwartz is a tough call. The Lions don't have much talent. They have some studs on D, but they have guys in their starting line up that really don't belong in the NFL except maybe on special teams. He took a shitty team 0-16 and gave them an identity. They put together a good season last year, but they still have a bunch of shitty players.

May I offer you some salt and vinegar chips?