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October 9 1982 - Atlanta TV
Tom Pritchard beat Abdull Zataar
Kabuki beat Zane Smith
Buzz Sawyer beat Randy Barber

November 6 1982 - Atlanta TV
Super Destroyer beat Joe Morris
Brad Armstrong beat Pete Martin
Tom Pritchard beat Ivan Koloff by DQ
Butch Reed beat Chick Donavan
Tito Santana beat Bubba Carr
Masked Superstar beat Dale Veasey
Ivan Koloff beat Mike Jackson
Butch Reed beat Pete Martin
Jerry Lawler beat Randy Barber
Buzz Sawyer beat Bubba Carr
The Samoans beat Mike Starbuck and Marion Crumbly

November 13 1982 - Atlanta TV
Tito Santana beat Pete Martin
Tommy and Johnny Rich beat Ken Timbs and Chick Donavan
Buzz Sawyer beat Ken Hall
The Iron Shiek and Kortsia Korchenko beat Dale Veasey and Fred Mackenzie
Tito Santana and Brad Armstrong beat Mike Thompson and Chick Donavan
Billy Red Eagle beat Pete Martin
Ivan Koloff beat Mike Starbuck
The Moondogs beat Randy Barber and Mike Jackson

Dcember 4 1982 - Atlanta TV
Paul Orndorff beat Chick Donavan
The Iron Shiek beat Zane Smith
Paul Orndorff beat Ivan Koloff by DQ
Tito Santana beat Johnny King
Butch Reed beat Bob Brown
Buzz Sawyer beat Randy Barber

December 11 1982 - Atlanta TV
Buzz Sawyer beat Paul Brown
Tommy Rich beat Pat Rose
Ivan Koloff beat Mike Jackson
Buzz Sawyer beat Zane Smith
Ivan Koloff beat Mike Starbuck...

Dcember 25 1982 - Atlanta TV
Buzz Sawyer beat Mike Starbuck
Masked Superstar beat Mike Starbuck...

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