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 Posted: Mon Dec 31st, 2012 03:24 pm
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10 pt: Andy Reid (Phila Eagles)
9 pts: Norv Turner (San Diego Chargers)
8 pts: Pat Shurmur (Cleveland Browns)
7 pts: Ken Whisehunt (Arizona Cardinals)
6 pts: Mike Mularkey (Jacksonville Jaguars)
5 pts: Monty Williams (New Orleans Hornets)
4 pts: Terry Collins (NY Mets)
3 pts: Lawrence Frank (Detroit Pistons)
2 pts: Chan Gailey (Buffalo Bills)
1 pt: Dennis Allen (Oakland Raiders)

SUB PICKS: Whoever gets fired before the deadline, everyone moves up a spot and the guys on this list, in order, get moved into the main list.

Mike Dunlap (Charlotte Hornets)
Clint Hurdle (Pittsburgh Pirates)
Ned Yost (KC Royals)
Randy Wittman (Washington Wizards)
Mike Yeo (Minnesota Wild)
Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys)
Rex Ryan (NY Jets)
Mike Munchak (Tennessee Titans)
Mike d’Antoni (Los Angeles Lakers)
Brian Burke (Toronto Maple Leafs GM)
Joel Quenneville (Chicago Blackhawks)
Alain Vigneault (Vancouver Canucks)