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Wednesday, January 1, 1947 – Arena – Lubbock, TX
1) Polo Cordova and Bobby Burns won a 6-man Battle Royal (other participants: Johnny Carlin, Wayne Martin, Ace Abbott, Al Getz)
2) Ace Abbott defeated Al Getz (referee: Pat McKee)
3) Polo Cordova defeated Bobby Burns in two straight falls to win the Battle Royal
Pat McKee was a Hollywood actor, who had wrestled between 1920 and 1923.

Wednesday, December 31, 1947 – Arena – Lubbock, TX
1) Johnny Carlin defeated Olan Boynton
2) Rod Fenton defeated Gordon Hessel via CO in three falls (referee: Bill McEuin)
3) Jack Kiser defeated Al Getz in three falls

Thursday, January 1, 1948 – Fairgrounds Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Gordon Hessel and George Strickland won a 6-man Battle Royal (order of elimination: Cyclone Burns, Rod Fenton, Al Getz, Jack Kiser)
2) Al Getz fought Jack Kiser to a draw in three falls (45:00)
3) Gordon Hessel defeated George Strickland in three falls to win the Battle Royal

Thursday, January 1, 1948 – Sportatorium – Pampa, TX
1) George Lopez fought Pat O’Dowdy to a draw (15:00)
2) Johnny Carlin fought Olan Boynton to a draw (15:00)
3) George Lopez & Johnny Carlin defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Olan Boynton in three falls (referee: Mickey Barnes)

Friday, December 31, 1948 - Sportatorium - Pampa, TX
1) Dory Detton defeated Monty LaDue via DQ in two straight falls
2) Dory Funk defeated Eddie Gideon in three falls

Monday, January 1, 1951 – Fair Park Arena – Abilene, TX
1) Polo Cordova defeated Bob DeMarce (sub. Bob Cummings) in three falls
2) Frankie Murdoch & Bill Sledge defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Jack O’Reilly via DQ in three falls

Monday, December 31, 1951 – Fair Park Arena – Abilene, TX
1) George Overhuls defeated Gust Johnson (sub. Rex Mobley)
2) Whitey Walberg & Salvador Flores defeated Pat O’Dowdy & Rex Mobley (sub. Ray Clements) in three falls (referee: Gust Johnson)

Wednesday, December 31, 1952 – Jamboree Hall – Lubbock, TX
1) Carlos Moreno defeated Ace Abbott in two straight falls
2) Buck Lipscomb & Herb Parks defeated Famer Jones & Frankie Hill Murdoch in three falls (referee: Gust Johnson)

Monday, January 1, 1968 – Fair Park Auditorium – Abilene, TX
1) Dory Funk, Jr. & Terry Funk vs. Alex Perez & The Duke
2) Texas Death Match: The Lawman vs. Dick Murdoch

Wednesday, January 1, 1969 – Fair Park Coliseum – Lubbock, TX
1) Guillotine Gordon defeated Gypsy Joe
2) Chief Little Eagle defeated Alex Perez
3) Terry Funk & Jerry Kozak fought Mr. Ito & Chati Yokouchi to a double-CO
4) Ricky Romero defeated Killer Karl Kox
Killer Karl Kox was given an indefinite suspension for throwing chairs when outside the ring.

Thursday, January 1, 1970 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX – “1970 Parade of Champions”
1) Jos LeDuc & Paul DeDuc defeated Alex Perez & Chief Little Eagle (6:32)
2) Dick Murdoch defeated The Lawman to win the Texas Brass Knuckles Trophy (7:31)
3) Western States Tag Team Champions Terry Funk & Ricky Romero defeated Dusty Rhodes & Gorgeous George, Jr. (11:38)
4) Western States Heavyweight Champion The Beast defeated Killer Karl Kox via DQ (11:03)
5) World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Rufus R. Jones (60:00)
i) Funk pinned Jones (49:13)
ii) The time limit expired

Friday, January 1, 1971 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Gorgeous George, Jr. vs. Seiji Sakaguchi
2) Terry Funk & Bobby Duncum vs. The Gladiator & Mr. Wrestling
3) Buck Robley vs. Nick Kozak
4) Brass Knuckles Match: Bull Ramos vs. Killer Karl Kox

Wednesday, January 1, 1975 – Fair Park Coliseum – Lubbock, TX
1) Gorgeous George, Jr. defeated Mitsuo Momota
2) Akio Sato defeated Mr. Wrestling
3) Lou Thesz defeated Motoji Okuma
4) Ricky Romero & Nick Kozak defeated Karl Von Steiger & Goliath
5) Dory Funk, Jr. defeated Blackjack Mulligan via DQ

Thursday, January 1, 1976 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) The Beast & Leo Burke defeated Lord Al Hayes & The Lawman
2) Dory Funk, Jr. fought Randy Tyler to a draw (30:00)
3) International Heavyweight Champion The Super Destroyer vs. Scott Casey

Saturday, January 1, 1977 – Sports Arena – Amarillo, TX
1) Larry Lane fought Tenryu to a draw
2) Tank Patton defeated Nick Kozak
3) Lord Al Hayes defeated Scott Casey
4) Ricky Romero defeated Alex Perez
5) Dennis Stamp defeated Sakaruda
6) Johnny Weaver & Ted DiBiase & Pez Whatley defeated Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson & The Super Destroyer

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