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1/1/62 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Rip Hawk & The Angel vs George Becker & Abe Jacobs 2/3 60:00
Pancho Villa vs Don McClarty 30:00
Len Montana vs Chris Averoff
Pee Wee Lopez & Firpo Zbyszko vs Frenchy Semard & Henry Phillips

1/1/63 Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium
Ike Eakins & Pancho Villa beat The Kentuckians Big Boy Brown & Tiny Anderson
Mrs Pancho Villa vs Fran Gravette
Tinker Todd vs Whitey Whittler

1/1/64 Asheville, NC @ City Auditorium
Rip Hawk vs Bob Ellis 2/3 60:00
Marcel Semard & Bernard Semard vs Chico Santana & Pee Wee Lopez 60:00
Jack Lanza vs El Gaucho 45:00
Promoter: Paul C. Winkhaus

12/31/64 Charleston, SC @ County Hall
Lord Littlebrook & Little Hawk vs Pee Wee Lopez & Chico Santana
The Kentuckians Big Boy Brown & Tiny Anderson vs Mike Gallagher & Lee Henning
Frank Valois vs Rudy Kay

1/1/65 Richmond, VA @ State Fairgrounds
Indian Strap Match
Chief Big Heart beat Swede Hanson in 33:00
George Becker beat Rip Hawk
Pepe Gomez & Nick Kozak beat George Two Ton Harris & Frank Hickey 2/3
Angelo Martinelli beat Frank Valois via pin

1/1/65 Roanoke, VA @ National Guard Armory
Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich beat Doug Gilbert & Rudy Kay
Sandy Scott beat The Beast
Lord Littlebrook beat Chico Santana

12/31/65 Lynchburg, VA @ City Armory
Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal vs Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
George Two Ton Harris vs Bob Boyer
Rudy Kay vs Pedro Zapata
Omar Atlas vs Tony Nero

1/1/66 Roanoke, VA
Abe Jacobs beat Ike Eakins
Darling Dagmar & Linda Christian beat Diamond Lil & Barbara Galento
Suni War Cloud beat George Two Ton Harris dq
Omar Atlas beat Corsica Jean
Angelo Martinelli beat Jack Vansky

1/1/66 Spartanburg, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Tex McKenzie & Nelson Royal beat Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich on a 3rd fall dq
Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson beat Rudy Kay & Bob Boyer 2-0
John Gudiski beat Sonny Fargo
Tony Nero beat Jack Vansky via pin

12/31/66 Lexington, NC @ YMCA Gym
Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich & Homer O’Dell beat George Becker (sub Klondike Bill) & Ike Eakins & Bobby Shane when Lubich pinned Shane in the 3rd fall
Jesse James beat Pedro Zapata via pin in 16:00 after a series of drop kicks
Pedro Godoy beat Big Boy Blondell via pin in 12:00 after a back drop
El Gaucho beat Tinker Todd with a Boston Crab in 13:00

1/1/68 Charlotte, NC @ Park Center
Gene Anderson & Lars Anderson beat Abe Jacobs & Luther Lindsay 2/3
1. Andersons won 1st fall
2. Lindsay & Jacobs won 2nd fall
3. Andersons won 3rd fall
Rudy Kay & Les Thatcher beat The Matador & Pancho Valdez 2/3
Missouri Mauler beat Chuck Conley
Hiro Matsuda beat Jesse James

1/1/68 Danville, VA @ City Armory
Referee Jack Terry
Haystack Calhoun & Amazing Zuma beat One of the Infernos & JC Dykes (sub the other Inferno) on a reverse decision 3rd fall dq
Toni Rose beat Barbara Nichols via pin in 13:25
Bob Nandor & Alex Medina beat The Mummy & Lee Henning 2/3
Angelo Martinelli beat Tiny Mills via pin in 15:15

1/1/68 Greenville, SC @ Memorial Auditorium
Lumberjack Match
George Scott & Sandy Scott beat Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
George Becker beat PY Chung
Bobby Red Cloud & Chief Little Eagle beat Johnny Heidman & Frank Marconi
Roger Kirby drew Jim Grabmire

12/31/68 Columbia, SC @ Township Auditorium
Art Thomas & Abe Jacobs vs Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson
Lee Henning & El Gaucho vs Silento Rodriguez & Greg Peterson
Mighty Atom vs Cowboy Lang
Rock Hunter vs Angelo Martinelli

1/1/69 Danville, VA @ Armory
Art Thomas & Abe Jacobs vs Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
Little Bruiser vs Cowboy Lang
Paul Jones & Nelson Royal vs Missouri Mauler & Hiro Matsuda
Plus one more match

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