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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2013 01:25 am
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1/1/54 Calgary, Alberta, Canada @ Victoria Pavilion            
Lou Sjoberg beat Tommy O’Toole
George Gordienko & Earl McCready & Toar Morgan beat Ed Gardenia & Frank Marconi & Lou Pitoscia
Con Bruno beat Cliff Olson
Tony Angelo beat Joe Blanchard
Att: 2,200

1/1/55 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Jim Wright no contest Earl McCready
Ken Kenneth beat Angelo Poffo dq
Lou Sjoberg beat Frank Hurley
Tex McKenzie won a Battle Royal

1/1/57 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
John Paul Henning beat Johnny Valentine
Referee: Al Oeming

1/1/60 Calgary, Alberta, Canada @ Victoria Pavilion
Joe Tomasso & Eric the Great beat Don Kindred & John Foti
Luther Lindsay won a Battle royal
Ken Lorimer dcor George Kosti
Joe Konno beat Joe Millich
Nelson Royal beat Jerry Aitken
Steve Kosti beat Mr. Grizzly

1/1/63 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @ Sales Pavilion
Jerry Graham beat Ronnie Etchison
Dave Ruhl & Jim Wright no contest Ronnie Etchison & Dominic Bravo
Johnny Kostas & Don McClarity beat Joe Millich & Tony Nero
George Kosti beat Nick Harris

1/1/64 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sweet Daddy Siki beat Sandy Scott
Waldo Von Erich beat Mighty Ursus
George Scott beat Jean LaSalle
Michael Valentino no contest Dave Ruhl
Luis Hernandez beat Al Ward

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We are the priests
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