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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2013 08:45 am
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sek69 wrote: Ray's a HOFer no doubt, but hearing the level of dick sucking going on all day on ESPN is just nauseating. On Jonathan Coachman's (yes, that Coach) show on ESPN Radio he was calling Ray the best defensive player ever, and people still upset over the whole involved in a murder thing should just move on with their lives because Ray has.

Just stop and think how asinine that is: we should all just forget he was at least involved in covering up a murder, probably did more than that, copped a plea and paid off the families of the dead guys to avoid civil suits. Because Ray Ray has "moved on".
Thats how all the rich people think though.  They know they paid it off to move on and never paid the price for it, thus they moved on.

The guy should have been banned from the NFL for life once it was found out what he did, but he never was