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 Posted: Mon Jan 14th, 2013 01:03 am
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This tournament was impossible to seed. The rankings were determined by the order they were originally mentioned. I've eliminated all the pro wrestlers and replaced them with other assholes. I'll do the brackets tonight. 1 will face 64. 2 will face 63 and so on and so forth. NCAA Basketball tournament style.

While I won't move seeds up and down, I will allow people to suggest someone that should be in the tournament. As always tell us which person should be eliminated.

1 Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Marion Jones
Jason Kidd
Kobe Bryant
Bill Belichick
John Rocker
Bobby Knight
Latrell Sprewell
10 Manny Ramirez
Michael Jordan
Bobby Petrino
Brett Favre
Brian Burke
15 OJ Simpson
Jeremy Shockey
Stephon Marbury
Bobby Holik
Roger Goodell
20 Lance Armstrong
Dwight Howard
Gary Bettman
Donald Fehr
Roger Goodell
25 Bobby Petrino
Ray Lewis
Floyd Mayweather Jr
Gary Bettman
Michael Vick
30 Terrell Owens
Lawrence Taylor
Dave Meggett
Kermit Washington
35 Joe Paterno
Jerry Sandusky
Mike Tyson
Jerry Jones
Rae Carruth
40 "Dollar" Bill Wirtz
Don King killed two people before he became a Boxing Promoter
Ken Patera
Scottie Pippen
Rex Ryan
45 Ozzie Guillen
Alex Rodriguez
Alan Eagleson
Woody Hayes
Tonya Harding
50 Bill Romanovski
Bill Laimbeer
Allen Iverson
Ty Cobb
Harold Ballard
55 Isiah Thomas
Milton Bradley
Albert Belle
Marty McSorley
Sean Avery
60 Jeffery Loria
Marge Schott
Rickey Henderson
Chris Berman
64 Milo Hamilton

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