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 Posted: Wed Jan 16th, 2013 12:34 am
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Hymie Itsu wrote:
clawmaster wrote:
lobo316 wrote: Sandusky should win easily.
Do others agree with Lobo? Should Sandusky be seeded number one in his bracket?

Personally, I might have Sandusky face the winner of this tourney. It's not fair to have legitimate douches, whom have spent a long time honing their craft, be shot down just because they face off with him.

Also, Donnie Fuhr should be a higher seed. This man has made sure to stop play in two sports now so his clients might live a slightly more douche lifestyle than they are accustomed.

Back in yesteryear, OLC ran a great Douchebag of the Year and had Crimson Mask put to pasture, like a shamed Kentucky Derby Winner. I think Sandusky fits the same profile. We all know he should win this and (I'm) pretty sure we'd all vote for him for being a (gay) pedophile over any of the other contestants. We should give him a lifetime award and put him to pasture now.

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