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 Posted: Thu Jan 24th, 2013 11:03 am
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khawk wrote: Hymie Itsu wrote:
Personally, I might have Sandusky face the winner of this tourney. It's not fair to have legitimate douches, whom have spent a long time honing their craft, be shot down just because they face off with him.


It sorta reminds me of the argument over who got nominated for "Weasel of the Week" last year. there are two levels of douches in Sports, the criminal element (Carruth, Sandusky, OJ), and the ones that were general dicks all around to everyone (Clemens, Bonds, that ilk).

Tough to resolve when voting outside of everyone's personal take on it. Bonds is a much bigger douche in sports than Sandusky, for example, but if Sandusky's criminal activity is factored in he more than likely gets my vote. If I don't factor it in, I vote for Bonds.

(Not sure which way I'd go with my vote, in this or any other case, just making an example here.)
Thats why I eliminated nominating pedophiles and murderers from Weasel. 

I don't think Sandusky should be in this tourny at all, because his actions are not douchy, they go way beyond that, and OJ and Rae should also be romoved, because murdering someone is beyond douchebag levels.

Honestly, I am sure there is a potential tourny of sports ass clowns (which is above douchebag imo) which would be smaller(like 16 or 32 people) instead.