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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2013 05:13 pm
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DaNkinator wrote:

The Eagles didn’t cut quarterback Michael Vick before the February 6 deadline that guaranteed $3 million of his 2013 salary and it doesn’t look like they’ll be cutting him at any other point either.

A release from the team on Monday announced that Vick and the Eagles have agreed on a new one-year deal that will keep Vick in town for Chip Kelly’s first season as the head coach in Philadelphia. There are no financial terms revealed at this point, but it seems safe to say that the Eagles won’t be paying the $15.5 million that Vick was set to receive under the terms of the six-year deal he signed with the team before the 2011 season.

There have been varied reports about Kelly’s interest in working with Vick, but this news suggests that Kelly sees at least the potential for Vick to succeed in his offensive scheme. If Vick can rebound after two rough seasons, the Eagles will likely continue the relationship beyond this season. If not, they’ll split up without any further ado.

In the release, the Eagles say Vick will compete for the job with Nick Foles. They also don’t rule out more competition being added through free agency or the draft. The Eagles answered one question Monday, but there are sure to be many more asked in the days and weeks to come.


This is actually a great move for Vick.  If they cut him, after the season he had, he'd have limited options.  If he wins this job and performs well, he will get a  lot more money on the back end.  The Eagles OL was like swiss cheese last year, and Demetress Bell was the worst of the lot.  They cut him and hope to be healthy this year.  Mike Vick will get back to what he used to be:  A very average/good QB with immense physical talent that can win games. 

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