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 Posted: Sat Nov 24th, 2007 07:58 pm
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Chris OtL wrote: Bill Cowher, proving he is completely out of his mind during the post game says:

"Green Bay looked much more impressive than the Dallas Cowboys did today"

are you fucking shitting me? the lions tossed up 26 points against the Packer defense, the Cowboys, albiet against a shitty Jets team, did what they were supposed to do against said shitty team; and gave up only 3.

You have to wonder if Favre and Cowher have shared a warm shower together at some point in time.

Sundays matchups ~ Oh my God the Cleveland Browns (in line for the playoffs) host the Houston Texans. The Giants are at home against the Vikings. The Titans go to Cincy for a game that if they win (it helps their playoff cause) and if they lose, it could hurt them later on. Saints at Carolina with the loser being hurt in the wildcard race.

Sunday night features the Eagles at New England. Monday night has the Dolphins at Pittsburgh. Can't imagine what the Dolphins will do for points.

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