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 Posted: Sun Feb 24th, 2013 10:14 am
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Cory17 wrote:
CanadianHorseman wrote: Cory17 wrote:
The Oilers make me sad, just thought I'd share that.

You'll be even sadder when they don't get the # 1 pick in the next draft.

Not really, maybe we can fluke a good D-Man in the top ten, sure Seth Jones would be great, but I don't see us finishing 30th.

That's what I meant - your team is not likely to make the Playoffs but they are too good to get a top 3 pick in the next draft. I absolutely hate it when the teams I cheer for are in the middle of the pack - not quite good enough to win the Championship but not bad enough to get one of the top picks in the draft. My way of thinking is be one of the teams that could win it all or totally suck for a few years and build a winner with some high draft picks.