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 Posted: Tue Mar 5th, 2013 02:49 pm
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KGB wrote:
the squared circle wrote: Nazem Kadri with first ever career hat trick, with the third goal being an absolute beauty. Leafs beat Isles in OT, 5-4.
Leafs are 7th in overall NHL standings.

He's basically got stiffs as linemates and he's still leading the team with 21 points.  Three clear of Brayden Schenn, whom Burkie had such a hard-on for.  Considering Kadri was the consolation prize in that draft, I'm pleased.  He's got an attitude on him that's good to see and I think he'll settle into a solid career as a second or possibly first line regular. 

Great third goal last night, too.  Kid's got some sick skills. 

I'd rather have Brayden Schenn. He will be better in the long run and actaully plays defense.