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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2008 04:17 am
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dogfacedgremlin34 wrote:  I couldn't stand him when the AWA first caught my attention on the ESPN shows back in 1985, and on the ESPN Classics shows today--with the magic that is DVR--his matches are the only ones I consistently fast forward through. 


This is a big part of the problem with your perception. If you had had a chance to view greg's work in the 70's and early 80's, and note that the fans reacted to him just as they did for any young babyface, you might have appreciated his work more.


As for freebirdsforever's "everyone in the AWA was over-the-hill" comment. This is an opinion, as he noted, and nothing else. AWA fans from that time frame ("home territory" fans, to be more specific) will tell you that Mad Dog, Crusher, Raschke, et al were all viable components of a successful wrestling organization in the 70's. Again, and he stated this himself, it all depends on what you grew up/became accustomed to watching. I was able to enjoy the AWA the same way he enjoyed his southern wrestling and their style. I might feel the same way if I grew up watching what he did, and he might feel the same way if he grew up with the AWA as his primary territory.

The concepts, angles, and basic wrestling were all the same at the end of the day, it's just the players that were different.

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