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 Posted: Fri Mar 15th, 2013 12:24 am
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So, the last 13 months haven't been great fun for me. Winning the S&W POY tournament was the highlight of my life this year, but I would rather have come in dead last with zero votes if I could have prevented my Heather from dying.

When Heather died she left a LOT of debt behind. Student loans, credit debt, IRS Debt State tax was staggering. The Student Loans were forgiven, but automatically became classified as income...great.

Okay-the long and short of it is that I have been working all year to clear my wife's name. Finally, I am starting to see daylight. Went out and got myself a good tax representative, and they managed to find errors on my old returns. With the extra refund from years past, I today, was able to pay off all of my Heather's IRS debt-save for this year (2012). I also managed to pay off her credit debt and consolidate my personal credit debt into a secured loan. In 5 years, I will also be debt free.

That just leaves this tax year. $3300 to the IRS, and $1700 to Colorado. With a payment plan, I will have our last joint tax return paid for before Christmas.

I could have used a few legal procedures to get out of some of her debt responsibility, but it meant more to me that my wife be laid COMPLETELY to rest. By clearing her name, posthumously, I have done the best that I could do for her and her memory.

Today is a good day.

Trying to find my way back....