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 Posted: Wed Mar 27th, 2013 08:32 pm
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I looked in my West Texas file after my AWA File. I had the Amarillo card in my West Texas file but not in my AWA file.

12/5/63 Amarillo, TX @ Sports Arena
North American Champion The Sheik beat AWA Champion Verne Gagne on a 3rd fall dq
1. Sheik beat Gagne with a camel clutch in 5:58. Between Falls, Gagne put the sleeper hold on The Sheik.
2. Gagne pinned The Sheik in 10 seconds
3. Gagne was dq'ed in 6:13 for failing to break a hold while The Sheik was in the ropes.
North American Tag Team Champions Dory Funk Sr & Dory Funk Jr beat Kinji Shibuya & Tokyo Tom when Dory Jr beat Tokyo Tom with a spinning toe hold in the 3rd fall
Harley Race drew Ricky Romero
Ken Lucas beat Rudy Kay via pin in 8:23 after a judo chop
Note: Gagne billed as AWA Champion even though he did not hold the title.

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