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 Posted: Sat Mar 30th, 2013 04:18 pm
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clawmaster wrote:
Fantasmagori wrote: One Fan Gang wrote:

A nice early career find, Fantasmagori.

Even more rare... a win for Gregory Jarque!!  It seems like he was one of the highest profile names in the 50s who I would run across, but usually in the loss column.  Maybe I just haven't seen enough of Jarque's career results.

Guess Jarque got his revenge in Bismarck for this loss to Bruiser (new card too):

7/2/1955 Austin, MN @ National Guard Armory
Fred Atkins beat Karl Karlson 18:45
Butch Levy beat Nick Roberts 17:04
Dick Afflis beat Gregory Jarque 13:12

I have Bruiser in Chicago that night too although the Chicago listing might be wrong. Have added both your "new" cards to my computer file.  Thanks!!

Blame it on me being european :)

THe above card was on February 7th, NOT July 2nd. Sorry about the mix-up

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