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 Posted: Sun Mar 31st, 2013 05:29 pm
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carlton st wrote: 72/04/02 TORONTO
The Sheik WCOR Pampero Firpo
Carlos Rocha W Hans Schmidt
Tony Parisi W Hells Angel
Johnny Valentine W Mighty Ursus
Fabulous Kangaroos W Ivan Kalmikoff/Tex McKenzie
Love Brothers W Sweet Daddy Siki/Lou Klein
Lee Henning/Christopher Colt D Tony Marino/Bob Harmon
Mighty Igor/Ben Justice D Mike Loren/Man Mountain Cannon
Bill Miller/Dan Miller D Gino Brito/Tony Baillargeon
Masked Marvel D Raymond Rougeau


Wow, four draw decisions on a ten match card seems excessive.  Hopefully that wasn't the order of the bouts as it's listed.