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 Posted: Fri Apr 5th, 2013 04:11 pm
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srossi wrote: Kriss wrote: Did Hogan ever appear live on any of the early Raws?
He was on Raw a bunch, although I couldn't tell you which ones were live and which were taped.  But his return to help Beefcake and set up the feud with Money Inc. happened on Raw.

Hogan made a few Raw appearances to build up the Mania tag match, at least one in front of the crowd. After Mania, I don't recall him ever appearing in front of a live crowd on Raw. He just sent in interviews. Hogan never wrestled on Raw or any other TV show during this run. He did have a few singles bouts with Yoko on foreign tours, after losing the belt back, but otherwise only teamed with Brutus to take on Money Inc., with a Beverly Brothers match thrown in there.

Even though he finished up on TV at King of the Ring in early June, Hulk Hogan was still working house shows and foreign tours into August by which time he was off TV and the Luger babyface push had begun.

In a forgotten bit of history, Money Inc. were supposed to have faced The Nasty Boys at Wrestlemania, but Sags and Knobbs stepped aside to let Hogan and Brutus go for revenge after the briefcase angle.