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 Posted: Fri Apr 5th, 2013 05:30 pm
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tamalie wrote: Jon Bon Jovi has stated that all dates on the current tour will go ahead as planned. Some will cry blasphemy, but, regardless of who's right or wrong in this relationship breakdown, from Jon's perspective if he calls off the tour and puts the band in limbo, then he concedes all power in the dispute to Sambora. At that point, Jon admits it's not Bon Jovi without Richie. If Jon goes on without Sambora, it puts the pressure on Sambora to either come back or accept that the train will roll on without him.
Jon has said many times that he's the band, period.  I saw an interview he did with Larry King right before KIng retired, whenever that was, and he reiterated over and over again that he makes the decisions, what he says goes, and he appreciates the talent of his bandmates but he is Bon Jovi.  There was never a question that the band would continue without Richie.  It did when he went to rehab, it will now. 

It doesn't seem like a well-kept secret that Jon pretty much wants all the original members to quit so that he can hire unknowns and throw a few dollars at them as his personal contract workers instead of having to deal with band egos.  It's already happened.  Alec John Such quit as bassist and was "replaced" by Hugh McDonald 20 years ago, but McDonald is officially a "touring musician", not a member of the band.  He might make 10 cents on the dollar to what the other guys make, and he does every live show and appears on their studio albums.  It's the music equivalent of wrestlers being "independent contractors".  Clearly he's in the band, just like clearly a WWE wrestler is an employee of the company, but they get none of the benefits.  And now Jon gets to do that with the guitarist too, and the only other guy who cut into his pie in any real way is gone.  Now if he can just get rid of Tico Torres and David Bryan, he'll have 100% of it.  And none of the 55-year old women who are his new demo, either because they remember when he was a rock star in the '80s or because they like his new country pop sound in the 2000s, will give a damn, they'll come out just to see him.  He's about to make more money without Richie than with him, even though the sound of the band is going to go to hell.     

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