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 Posted: Sat Apr 6th, 2013 01:54 am
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sportatorium roach wrote:
HBF wrote:
Bon Jovi is living off "Wanted Dead or Alive" and that stuff from 1985. I'm from NJ and even know a guy who quit my school to work Bon Jovi's tour (he's buddies with the brother or cousin or some shit) but they are one of the top 5 most overrated acts in history. Their best album was the one with "In and Out of Love" and that's from either '83 or '84.

I like the first five Bon Jovi albums. That's great that you think 7800 is their best album, that one or New Jersey is my favorite. But 7800 gets ignored by everyone, including the band.
The same thing would go for the debut, if it didn't have Runaway.

The first album is great as well. Except for "Wanted Dead or Alive", the 3rd album moved them in the 80's rock ballad bullshit that claimed formerly great bands like Def Leppard. And, to me at least, was all she wrote for Bon Jovi.

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