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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 11:36 pm
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katook wrote:
So, in a nutshell what happened is this: My laptop decided it would be funny to go the the startup screen and freeze up, windows will not start!!

I have run something called the Toshiba startup utility that popped up, of course with it being windows it was as useless as tits on a boarhog and '"windows cannot fix the problem", so I have a laptop that essentually will not start.

I have allready to get a new laptop as I travel 5-6 days of the week and need one, but before I beat the hell out of the old one with a hammer, is there any real way to maybe get the damn thing to start, or (more importantly), to get the old pictures and videos off of the harddrive?  Also, there are some RAM or memory that is removable that I can take out and put in a new computer to make it faster (or so I am told), is that correct?

The main thing is I want my old videos and pics, how can I get them before I destroy the damn thing?

Will it restart in SAFE mode? If you can get it to restart in SAFE mode, try to do a Windows Restore from the last setpoint. I suspect that you may have got a software update that caused things to go buggy.

If you have already bought a new laptop, you can easily remove the hard drive from your old computer, connect the old hard drive via a USB/hard drive cable (available at most computer stores for about $30) to your new computer and copy the files over.

If you want to max out the memory in your new computer, go to a memory manufacturer's website such as Crucial ( or Kingston (, type in your computer make/model, and it will tell you what memory to buy and the max amount of memory that the computer can hold. You can easily install the memory yourself (DIY videos are all over YouTube, may even be a DIY repair video on your computer manufacturer's website). Should cost less than $100.

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