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 Posted: Tue Apr 16th, 2013 08:18 pm
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TXM wrote:
cheapseats wrote:
TXM wrote: thunderbolt wrote:
First step is to determine if your friend might have insurance covering the claim - auto insurance for traffic stuff (obviously) and homeowners' policies are the most likely sources of coverage. 

The critical question is 'what is this hypothetical defendant being sued for?'.

Traffic accident. Have insurance and they are aware of what's happeninig.

Rear-ended a guy 2 years ago. No injuries at the time.

Exact same scenario I was in a few years ago. The bitch waited almost 2 years to the day of the accident (wstatue of limitations) to sue me.  

Mind me asking how things ended up?
She settled for something like $5K IIRC.

Keep in mind this was a 3 vehicle accident. She was the first vehicle(Ford F250 Crew Cab 4x4 Diesel) with another vehicle (Honda Accord) in between us. I was in my Ford Escape. I had no front end damage. There was a small scrap on the Honda's rear bumper but the front end was complete toast. The Ford's rear bumper was bent in. Now tell me how I hit the Honda so hard to turn it in to a missile yet I didn't have a scratch to my car? I told my insurance and the other carriers that the Honda hit the F250 first THEN I tapped the Honda. Even the adjustor for the Honda's insurance believed his guy caused the wreck.

She (F250 driver)felt fine with no complaints of pain. She got cocky and said "let's all get our stories straight before the cops get here" . I then knew something was not on the level. When the cops showed up and my story didn't jibe with the others, she then started complaining about her neck hurting. How convenient.

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Never said that I could 100 % substantiate it. And convincing you 100 % is not a concern of mine.