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 Posted: Sat May 4th, 2013 02:01 am
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tamalie wrote:
There were some decent things to Nitro in its early days from the fall of 1995 to mid 1996 before the NWO angle started. However, it's easy to look back through rose colored glasses and ignore the really bad stuff that went on.

- Hogan in his final months as a babyface was getting heel reactions and not taking it well.

- The Dungeon of Doom was at its peak of awfulness with the giant cage match fiasco and Loch Ness' push among the garbage.

- Ed Leslie's Booty Man gimmick was getting major air time.

- One Man Gang won the U.S. Title at a point when it still meant something.

- Eric Bischoff and Steve McMichael regularly took commentary to new lows on Nitro.

- The American Males won the tag team title even though that style of team was more at home in 1985 than 1995.

- We got the horrible John Tenta-Big Bubba feud.

- The Hogan handcuff angle when Elizabeth couldn't figure out how to use the cuffs, so Hogan cuffed himself to the post in full view of the cameras.

- The DDP is broke and homeless angle.

I used to watch WCW World Wide ever week during this era. The Dungeon of Doom stuff was sad to see.