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 Posted: Sat May 11th, 2013 11:51 pm
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Started off as the generic, face. Turned into a generic chicken-shit heel. Became famous in New York with his "brother" Donnie. Much of their stuff was appropriated by the Graham Bros after the Fargos finished with Vince, Sr.

When the Fargos came to Gulus in TN, Fargo decided he wanted to homestead. Became the perrenial face there and eventually (because of his longevity) became the King of Memphis. At that point he split with his manager Jack Pfeffer, and became a Memphis institution.

His style changed to match the tastes of the Memphis crowd. He kept the Fargo strut, but became basically a punch and kick guy. Jerry Lawler's style today is more or less what Fargo did through his entire Memphis run. Fargo became a part of the community and eventually phased out his in-ring career so that he could focus on his many businesses in Tennessee.

He was good to pop a house whenever they needed an "enforcer" type as a special referee at the Mid South Coliseum.

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