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 Posted: Mon May 13th, 2013 04:35 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: Was he the blonde adonis type like the Grahams?  I thought I remember in mags where was also a biker type guy.

The Fargo strut......did he originate that or was it Rogers?  Or, is that still a debatable issue?

I remember Greg Valentine performing as Johnny Fargo?  Did he ever actually work with Jackie or was it just Donnie?

In New York he was a blonde adonis.  As he aged, he simply became a pudgy brawler.

He was trained by Rogers at Al Haft's promotion in Ohio, so I would make a guess that he appropriated the strut from Rogers.

Jackie worked with Don and Roughhouse (Jackie's actual brother, Sonny- a Crockett referee).

Don worked with Johnny (Greg) and managed other "Fargos"  (Pat Rose immediately springs to mind.

Trying to find my way back....