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 Posted: Tue Aug 19th, 2008 11:16 pm
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I never really fixed anything with it since it was hacked...  when was that?  2 years ago to 3?  What ever the time period was, no one mentioned it or said they missed it, so I left a lot of it as it was.  I had fixed a lot of stuff, but never finished it.  Figured no one was interested in the D.C. stuff so why put the effort into it.

And yes I did get your message.  The information was helpful for my next trip out.


I just look at 1963.  Yep lots of stuff missing.  That year did not have the results uploaded to it i do not think.  I think I was really lazy for that year and was being in a odd mood and just uploaded the match listings instead of including the results, just so I could  be a dick. Because everyone was telling me they already had the D.C. stuff for years and years of results.   lmao

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