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October 9 1984 - Tampa Fla
Billy Graham beat Kevin Sullivan in a Barroom Brawl Match
Dory Funk Jr and Jesse Barr beat Mike Graham and Scott Mghee
Carlos Colon, Pez Whatley, Larry Hamilton beat Krusher Khruschev, The Saint, Buck Robley
One Man Gang and Jay Youngblood beat The Hollywood Blondes
Angelo Mosca Jr beat Joe Lightfoot

November 13 1984 - Tampa Fla
NWA Champ Ric Flair beat Jay Youngblood
Sweet Brown Sugar and Pez Whatley beat Krusher Khruschev and The Saint
Brian Blair beat Jesse Barr
Bob Backlund beat Kendo Nagasaki
Dutch Mantell beat Jim Neidhart
The Warriors beat Randy Barber and Bob Owens
George Weingroff beat Larry Hamilton

December 4 1984 - Tampa Fla
Dutch Mantell beat The Saint in a Street Fight
Jim Neidhart and Krusher Khruschev beat Sweet Brown Sugar and Pez Whatley for The US Tag Titles
Brian Blair beat Jesse Barr
Koko Ware beat Jay Youngblood
Mike Graham beat Madd Maxx
King Cobra beat Angelo Mosca Jr

December 12 1984 - Miami Fla
Michael Hayes and Dutch Mantell beat US Tag Champs Jim Neidhart and Krusher Khruschev by DQ
Sweet Brown Sugar beat Jesse Barr
Southern Champ Pez Whatley beat King Cobra
Sweet Brown Sugar beat Madd Maxx
Michael Hayes beat Ric Mccord
Mark Youngblood vs Koko Ware

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