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 Posted: Tue May 28th, 2013 12:41 am
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I posted this over at KM:

Speaking of jobbers, this brought to my mind one of the most bizarre TV matches that I have ever seen.  I have posted this before on other boards. I would say that this match took place in the late 70's to maybe 1980.  I am almost positive that it was aired on WOR at midnight.    

The match was Johnny Rivera vs. Jose Gonzales.  This match-up alone was a little odd since neither one was going to squash the other one.  

The announcements were made and it was time for the two to lock up.  Just as they were ready to lock up, Gonzalez backed up and went to a corner.  The ref tried getting the two to engage again.  Gonzalez once again drifted back to a corner.  After doing this a few times, he then perches himself sitting on the top turnbuckle.  The ref looked thoroughly confused this is why it stands out in my memory.    

Gonzalez would snicker and laugh as the ref counted him to get down.  He then did this several times.  By this point, a lot of time was being chewed up.  It was boring and made no sense and seemed to go on forever. Rivera showed frustration which was probably worked.  

I have forgotten how this all ended.  I am sure Gonzalez got the victory, because he had more credibility than Rivera.  

My thoughts were initially that this was some type of means to fill in time, but after thinking about it...they could have done that in other ways which would have been more entertaining.  They could have put a nerve hold on for minutes at a time.  They could have battled tests of strength or rolled around the mat for awhile to take up time.  

Was Gonzalez doing this on his own?

I am the only one that seems to remember this.   Very bizarre even to this day.

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