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March 8 1982 - Brantford Ont
John Studd vs Jay Youngblood

March 9 1982 - Columbia SC
Ricky Steamboat and Ray Stevens beat Roddy Piper and Austin Idol
Leroy Brown beat John Studd
Mike George beat Chris Markoff
Ron Ritchie beat Jeff Swords
Keith Larsen beat Bill White

March 13 1982 - Greensboro NC
Ricky Steamboat beat Sgt.Slaughter
Ole Anderson and Stan Hansen beat Dusty Rhodes and Ray Stevens by DQ
Jack Brisco beat Roddy Piper
Jake Roberts and Jerry Brisco beat John Studd and Austin Idol
Johnny Weaver beat Carl Fergie
David Patterson beat Tim Horner
Tony Anthony beat Bill White

March 16 1982 - Columbia SC
Roddy Piper and John Studd beat Ricky Steamboat and Ray Stevens
Porkchop Cash beat Mike Miller
The Ninja beat Keith Larsen
Ron Ritchie beat Tony Russo
Mike George beat Steve Siebert

credit to Kris Zellner