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 Posted: Sun Jun 16th, 2013 02:10 am
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So, I'm going through some old memorabilia while I'm packing for my move across the city.  I came upon some really faded photos and news stories from 1975.  February 20, 1975 to be exact.

I was ten years old and my family decided to take a trip to Orlando and Tampa for two weeks.  I was psyched to go-not for the Amusement Parks, but because of the possibility of getting to see CWF live!

So, I'm sitting watching TV in the hotel room as my parents are making dinner arrangements when a news report comes on detailing a plane crash that involved Florida wrestlers.  They named Gary Williams, Dennis McCord, Ron Reed and Bobby Schoenberger (pronounced Shaneberger).  Well I recognized McCord's name-as he had just finished a run in WWWF a few weeks earlier. The rest where unknown to me until the report stated that thhey were better known as Gart Hart, Mike McCord, Buddy Colt and Bobby Shane.  He then announced that Shane had died.

So much for that vacation.  My parents said NO way to wrestling matches after that report and I spent the rest of the week pretending to enjoy Disneyland and Cypress Gardens.

Anything notable wrestling wise happen to you where you "were there"?

Trying to find my way back....