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 Posted: Sun Jun 30th, 2013 04:20 am
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Super Bowl XXXVII.  The only real Raiders team of my adult life, the one that was 'roided to the gills, had the greatest West Coast offense of all time with Gannon to Rice and Brown breaking several records and earning Gannon the NFL MVP...Charles Woodson was locking down one whole side of the field, Janikowski was the most accurate he had been up to that point in his career, Lechler was pinning every punt inside the 20.  That team was twice as good as the Buccaneers, but it was coached by a blithering idiot, and our massively huge and talented Center went off of his bipolar meds, got into a very dark place, and drank himself almost into a coma.  And still, going into the 4th quarter, a couple of bombs put us back into the game, only down two scores with about 9 mins to play.  Then Dexter Jackson picked off a couple and killed every chance I would have of seeing my Raiders win a Super Bowl since I was 12 years old.  That was a devastating loss...

...but my most devastating loss was the fucking Tuck Rule Game, where the Raiders got deep dicked by a biased officiating crew that historically called more penalties on the Raiders than any other team they worked against.  Woodson stripped that ball from Brady, Brady knew and knows it, and it meant nothing.  No disrespect to Brady, he would have still gone on to become as great as he is.  But that game should have been a loss.  My son was two years old, and walked in on me as I slammed the remote into the ground hard enough to break it into six pieces, and he ran away from me crying.  THAT is the loss of my adult life that just sticks in my ass to this day.

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