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 Posted: Sun Jul 14th, 2013 04:15 am
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Chitown Rich wrote:
clawmaster wrote: Quattro wrote: Will there be riots nationwide or just localized?
Chicago hasn't had a good riot since Jordan and Da Bulls won their last NBA Title. I wonder if the city would riot over this. Interesting question. I live in the sticks. Not really close enough to Chicago to have my pulse on the City. Chi Town Rich, Blue Thunder and other Chicago land guys, what do you think?

I think there will be trouble if Zimmerman walks. 85 and muggy today. Most weekends are war zones anyway on the South and West sides of Chicago. Taste of Chicago is going on and there's trouble there every year anyway.

I hope I'm wrong but like Claw said we haven't had a good riot in a while and all the ducks are in a row IF he walks.

I'm between downtown and White Sox Park. Not smack dab in the middle of the bad spots but close enough.

I'm west of downtown. There are wildings and bullshit happening every weekend down there. The back asswards thing is that these riots usually happen in the bad neighborhoods. It would be odd if Michigan Ave was up for grabs.

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