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 Posted: Tue Jul 23rd, 2013 11:50 pm
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The Big Kahuna

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When they got a "world title shot" (WWWF, AWA, NWA) there was always that "he could win it" feeling

I'll give you my "top 5" and let everybody else chime in with theirs

1. Andre. Somehow you "knew" he wasn't getting the belt but then again you couldn't picture him losing so he had the "aura" about him.

2. Ivan Koloff. The win over Bruno made you take him seriously.

3. Stan Hansen. The whole "broken neck" win over Bruno gave him credibility.

4. Mil Mascaras. Mascaras was another guy you couldn't picture "losing"

5. Jerry Lawler. His title quests were always framed as "near misses" in the Apter mags.