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 Posted: Tue Jul 30th, 2013 02:57 am
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stingmark wrote:

My point before was(and still is), Fielder isn't worth $108 Mill, nor is he worth what Detroit paid him.

Oh, that was your point. I thought your point was he wouldn't get more than 5 years 100-120 million. I was confused because you said it repeatedly.

Like here... from your many conversations with GMs at the winter meetings...

"Alot of the folks at the winter meetings, kept saying he wouldnt get more than 5yrs & $100-$120 million anyway, which imo, is about right."

Or here when when you said those offers, like the one he signed weren't there for him.

"Supposedly, those kind of offers just werent there for Fielder. Doubt many would be willing to ante up that kind of deal for Fielder?"

Or here where you say it a 3rd time...

"Doubt he sees any offers past 5-6yrs and $120mill."

Or here when you said it a 4th time...

"From what I remember hearing, not a single team offered him more than a 5-6 yr deal."

So you can see why we're confused and thought the point you were attempting to make was the one you kept fucking typing over and over and over and over. You know, the one that was completely fucking wrong, backed by "facts" you made up, from conversations you never had at the winter meetings you never attended.

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