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 Posted: Thu Aug 1st, 2013 04:43 am
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TXM wrote: Superstar wrote:
TXM wrote: Did Brian Blair ever appear in WCW?
No offense, but I would have been really surprised if Brian Blair DID show up in WCW.  I know - Rick Martel was pretty shocking, after not doing much for a number of years.  But Blair?  He was long finished by the time WCW mattered.  When he could have gone to WCW in the early 90s, it probably would have been a huge paycut.

Since it was brought up with Blair...did Jim Brunzell ever show up in WCW after his WWF run?  For some reason I think he did during the Disney tapings, but not 100% sure.

Not offended. Just thought he was one of those guys who was in tight with Hogan. Would not have been surprised to see him turn up at some point. The rest of them did.
Good point, forgot he was a friend of Hogan.  And as far as age, etc...the Nasty Boys showed up in TNA, so Blair would've fit back then.

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