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 Posted: Fri Aug 2nd, 2013 05:02 am
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I'm pro-replay, IF it's incorporated right:

- None of this "challenge" bullshit. You just know teams are going to abuse this to get time to get a pitcher warmed up, so take it out of their hands.

- In fact, for both aesthetic and practical purposes the system should be as far away from the NFL as possible. The sports are different, and MLB shouldn't come across as trying to copy.

- Put a fifth umpire in the broadcast booth, or send things to a "war room" like the NHL does (yes, I'm advocating avoiding copying the NFL and copying the NHL instead--if you have cognitive dissonance over that, tough shit). He gets to buzz for reviews, he gets to make the call.

- A central viewing location would cut down on replay time tremendously, saving us this ridiculous "umpires all leave the field and come back" song and dance routine. And, as mentioned, it would cut down on most manager arguments. Also, I could be naive but I think people expecting NFL- or college football-length delays are overstating things. A football play has anywhere from 10 to 20 different things going on that can be missed. In baseball you're going to have pretty much one location where anything is happening (I don't think missed bases or stuff like that come up often enough for them to be worth covering in a review system).