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 Posted: Sat Sep 21st, 2013 03:04 pm
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Quattro wrote: I thought Landell was mediocre. Never seemed to have what it took to be a top guy.

Could be decent in the right spot but was too "southern" to have national appeal, IMO (and I am a Southern boy).

NEVER seemed to get that the Nature Boy gimmick Flair and Rogers was supposed to be a superior talent, silver spoon in his mouth, aristocratic type that had real athletic talent and should be able to beat anyone. Landell came across as a "poor" boy trying to act like the aristocratic heel, but having neither the talent, nor the aristocratic background to pull it off. Basically he seemed like a parody.

"The too southern" argument never cuts it with me.

Steve Austin is as southern as it comes. Jerry Lawler, too..

If he'd had the talent to be a top guy, he would've gotten there regardless of where he was from even with his addictions.

Landel was a good worker, could've fit in the midcard of any national promotion. I don't see him as the main event, though.

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