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 Posted: Fri Oct 4th, 2013 08:20 pm
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they said the same stuff about Madonna, and she didnt have much talent (at least as a singer) but she had determination , in the end talent beats looks for longevity so she had something , even if the parents hated her , just like Miley

he exact point that Sinead is making is that in 20 years Miley IS going to wind up looking like her, and she's going to have the psychiatric problems and drug rehabs and lawsuits and bankruptcies and everything else that goes along with what she's doing...........  Assuming she survives that long, in 20 years (or less) we're going to be reading about how Miley said that Sinead was right and she wished she had listened.

not necessarily , Courtney Love is still around 20 years later , warts and all , its 'art' after all. Beiber too, boggles the mind if he is still around in 20 years but there are tons of no-talent parent scaring rebel rouser still around 20-30-40 yrs later