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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2013 02:46 pm
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carlton st wrote: Around in the sense that she hasn't died yet. The rehabs, depression, lawsuits, etc. are all true for her. She's a living cliche. And Courtney Love wasn't a young pop star, she was always most famous for who she married from day one. Who ever heard of Hole before Kurt Cobain? She never had her own fame. She has always been Cobain's crazy wife/widow who gets drunk and makes a fool of herself in public from time to time, before disappearing again into obscurity. If Cyrus is acting like Love in 20 years, then Sinead called it because that's the type of behavior she's referring to.

well no , Love is still around, likely living in a nicer house than you , worth about 100 mil and not dead or in jail as everyone 'knew' she would be 20 years ago

The exact point that Sinead is making is that in 20 years Miley IS going to wind up looking like her, and she's going to have the psychiatric problems and drug rehabs and lawsuits and bankruptcies and everything else that goes along with what she's doing

Yeah, we'd all love to trade lives with Courtney Love.  She's tried to kill herself at least once (on her 40th birthday), has been in and out of psychiatric hospitals and rehab, has certainly been in jail (several times, but since she isn't incarcerated on this particular day I guess it doesn't count), and had her daughter taken away from her and wasn't allowed to see her (not sure if she can now).  But she probably lives in a nice house. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.