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 Posted: Sat Oct 5th, 2013 03:30 pm
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Married Jo wrote:
carlton st wrote:
not saying O'Connor isnt correct just that she shouldnt be giving advice in an open letter and expecting a warm embrace in the public spectrum

Yep. She's batshit crazy legit and even though there's probably some truth in her letter, I wouldn't expect anyone to take it seriously coming from her.

Anyway, it kind of shows how naive Sinead really is that she can't understand that what Miley has done and is doing is a calculated move and pretty damned smart. Miley and her handlers know exactly what she's doing and she's going to continue raking in the $$$$ because of all this stuff. Good for her, grab all you can while you can I say, cause eventually you'll end up looking like Sinead does now and nobody is going to buy anything you put out there when you do..

I don't think you read her letter. She is acknowledging exactly what you're saying, and pointing out that they'll bleeding her dry then leave her to the courts, rehab facilities and mental health care like Britney, Lindsey, etc.