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 Posted: Tue Oct 8th, 2013 12:09 am
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clawmaster wrote:
Bringing back another old gimmick.

1 Jaguars
2 Steelers
3 GiantsĀ 
4 Bucs
5 Redskins
Notes: The Panthers. The Vikings and the Falcons could easily be included.

Fixed. Thanks DFG.

1. Jags
2. Giants
3. Bucs
4. Steelers
5. Vikings

Skins aren't that bad.

I'm actually going against my better judgement (and over 20 years of fantasy playing) and picking up a 3rd QB this week to simply play against the Giants (Cutler). I like that matchup much better than Russell Wilson against Tennessee, who does have a good D. The 2013 Giants are the worst Giants team I've seen in over 30 years. I have to go back to 1983 to think of a Giants team this bad. However, the thing about that 1983 team was that there was the formation of a lot of young talent, which I don't see on this team. We're fucked.

Edit-now that I think of it, they might be the worst team in 30 years period through 5 games. I'd like to see the stats.

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