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 Posted: Sat Nov 16th, 2013 12:30 pm
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CanadianHorseman wrote:
Famous Mortimer wrote:
It's much harder to motivate yourself when playing for a team that sucks, so Trout's performance is even more impressive.

I totally disagree with that. I think it's much harder to play under the pressure of a tight pennant race then it would be if your team is completely out of the race. If your team is 20 games out of a Playoff spot and you go 0 for 4 or you have a bad night on the mound it's not really a big deal but if your team is in the middle of a Playoff race and you go 0 for 4 or have a bad night on the mound then it's definitely a big deal.

"Pressure" and "motivation" would seem different things to me, but there is presumably statistical evidence that backs one of us up here? Trying to think of how to phrase the question to see if anyone else has looked at this before.