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 Posted: Sun Nov 17th, 2013 04:26 am
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freebirdsforever2001 wrote:

It's not a team award, it's a player award. Trout was the better player and had the better season. It's not that hard to figure out.

But apparently for YOU, it is. You tired making this same horseshit argument last year too about Trout "getting robbed" out of the MVP/TC and you were wrong then, just like you are now.

Cabrera, had a better year statistically batting wise than Trout, you even admit it here:

 While Cabrera had a better overall batting season, Trout wasn't that far behind. Also Trout destroyed Him in Fielding and Base running. Who cares if Detroit made the playoffs. They also had 6 other All Stars around Him. That is just a very weak argument.
Its not an award for fielding or stolen bases, it's an award won for being a better hitter, and overall better than the rest, which Cabrera was better than Trout yet again. Who gives a shit about base running? Only YOU. Cabrera essentially took the team on his back, and led them to the ALCS, while injured for much of the season.

Want Trout to win? Simple: play/hit better than Cabrera, then he could win.

Talk about "weak arguements", yours is the weakest. It's a shame you can't seem to comprehend any of this though. Stick to talking hockey.

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