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 Posted: Fri Dec 20th, 2013 01:15 am
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I enjoy these kind of threads.
I'm working on a Prime Time Wrestling season set from 1987.  Lots of Gorilla and Bobby of course.  Fun to watch the buildup to Mania 3.  I'm up to mid July now, so things are a bit slow with a little too much Young Stallions and Shadows, but it is still good stuff.
I picked up the Survior Series Anthology Vol 1 from Shopzone for 7.99 last week.  Watched the first half of Survivor Series 88 last night.   The tag match had some great spots that I had forgotten about (Tully tagging in and immediately tagging out when he saw the Barbarian).  Dynamite and Jacques Rougeau were in the ring together, which I thought was supposed to have been a concern based on all of the lockerroom drama.

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