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 Posted: Sun Dec 29th, 2013 02:19 am
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sportatorium roach wrote: Not at all
I'll be working a regular day and probably keep forgetting that it's even New Year's Eve.

I actually wish I was seeing Billy Joel. I have the Hits vol. 1-3 and when I play it every six months or so I remember just how good Billy's songwriting was. I respect Billy for not putting out average to poor pop albums every few years like so many of his contemporaries.

Snark aside, I'm looking forward to the show, although I've resigned myself to the fact that he likely won't play my favorite song of his (and one of the best written pop songs ever) "Captain Jack".  He' setting up a residency at MSG in 2014, one show a month for the entire year, extending into 2015 for as long as they keep selling out, so although I don't think he'll be touring if you need an excuse to plan a vacation to NYC that's one.  I have a feeling by late in the year, the market is going to be so flooded with Billy Joel tickets that you'll be able to buy them below face on StubHub from the scalpers who are getting stuck with them.  The NYE tickets, however, aren't coming down no matter what.  It's obscene how much they're going for, and how it was impossible to buy them from Ticketmaster when they went on sale.  Sold out in seconds and they were all on StubHub within an hour.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.